Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Shift in the Wind

Winds change. Directions shift. Seasons pass. Oh, how to keep up with it all? I can't seem to keep up with it, much less write about it! :) We are well into spring, school is out and we are dreaming about summer plans and goals, unfinished and yet-to-begin projects.

The tree quilt is sandwiched and rolled up waiting patiently for me to work up the courage to attempt my first machine quilting. Surely we will get into a rhythm here soon and there will be space and time for me to settle down to it. My next quilts are lining up in my head, waiting to get onto paper and then fabric.

Since I last wrote, the Lord has brought an unexpected art and ministry to our house, amazing me with His creativity and His desire to give His children good things that stretch us and that He knows we will love.

Last November, my friend Jodi came from Ohio to teach us how to paint silk dancing veils and scarves. I was drawn in and loved every minute of it!

Painting awakened a desire for creativity in me that I hadn't known was there.

Cheery paints "Bethlehem"

Before I knew it, silk painting frames were set up in our garage and people were arriving on our doorstep to experience this creative expression, and to learn that they too are created to be creative, and that God can speak through art.

Since November, I have lost count of the number of silks that have been painted, but I know it to be in the hundreds.

Jodi also taught us to use the silks in some ancient Davidic (Jewish) circle dances. Many have painted their silks, and then stayed to learn the steps. I have expected interest in this to die down, but people have continued to come every week.

In February, a group of us from our community went to Springfield to bring the silk painting and dance to a church there. Jodi met us there and spoke to us about the power of the Holy Spirit in the arts, and bringing the arts into the church. Jodi asked me to run the silk painting sessions and I was so blessed. Taking charge of such a thing was a stretch for me, but I was so encouraged and supported that it felt natural and right. Jodi taught the Davidic dances and the church there received this new thing with open hearts.

I am still astounded that the Lord unexpectedly dropped this very unusual ministry in my lap, and I continue to watch for where He is taking it, all the while holding and tending it with open heart and open hands. Thank you, Father, for the good gifts you give to your children!

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barbara said...

hi, i would like to know what kind of silk you use, im trying to do something for me, but i dont know where to start, yours are beautiful, thanks for your help.